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We, the Turtty’s Educational Services is a preschool teacher training body and our main purpose of coming into being is to introduce scientifically backed preschool teaching methods into the existing preschool teacher education system in the country in order to make the teachers understand the psychology behind the teaching methods as a major component, since preschool teaching should always be in agreement with the principles of child psychology in order to groom a creative child with free self-expression and social participation displaying adequate motor skills through nurturing the wonder in a child's imagination and curiosity.

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We always give deep thought to Froebel's philosophy of education, which rests on four basic ideas, namely free self-expression, creativity, social participation and motor expression, in developing our teaching tool and materials and even in designing toys for kindergarten children.
This philosophy well resembles with internationally accepted 4-H Cloverbud program, which promotes grooming children through hands on learning experiences. 4-H here refers to Head, Heart, Hand and Health. Importance of our teacher training methods is the special emphasis placed on encouragement of teachers to maintain close, continued and meaningful relations with the parents in order to be very vigilant on the physical and most importantly mental health of the children. And this emphasis stems from our adherence to 4-H Program in developing training and teaching materials

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Nuwangi Jayasundara

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Thilina Dharmasena


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Anuradha Ellepola

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Dhanushka Hewawasam

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At Turttys Educational Services we offer Kindergarten and Preschool programs that give your family greater flexibility and convenience if and when it is needed. We are confident that our qualified teachers will provide tailored early learning programs that nurture your child's individual needs and interests.

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